OPX - new kind of Decentralized Exchange, designed to provide a large range of trading features and very deep liquidity on many large cap crypto assets.
OPX is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange that supports low swap fees and zero price impact trades on the Optimism chain. This protocol is promised to become the next giant, bringing enormous benefits to its users and DarkCrypto Foundation Ecosystem as a whole.
Traders can use it in two ways:
  • Spot trading with swaps and limit orders.
  • Perpetual Futures trading with up to 30x leverage on short and long positions.
OPX aims to become the go-to solution for traders who want to stay in control of their funds at all times without sharing their personal data. Its innovative design gives it many advantages over other existing DEXes:
  • Very low transaction fees.
  • No price impact, even for large order sizes.
  • Protection against liquidation events: the sudden changes in price that can often occur in one exchange (“scam wicks”) are smoothed out by the pricing mechanism design relying on Chainlink price-feeds.
All-in-one platform: Spot and Leverage trading.

What is OPX.Finance?

Firstly, OPX is a fork from GMX.IO - a new kind of Decentralized Exchange designed to provide a large range of trading features and very deep liquidity on many large cap crypto assets.
Secondly, more than a fork, the OPX enhancement is solid governance to decide how to develop the project through the community vote.

Why Optimism?

Optimism is an EVM-compatible Optimistic Rollup chain designed to be fast, simple, and secure. Optimism pledges to uphold the values of Ethereum by producing infrastructure that promotes the growth and sustainability of public goods.
  • Transaction Experience: With low latency, gas fees are being reduced by 90 times compared to gas fees on Ethereum currently.
  • Scalability: Thanks to the OVM, DApps on Ethereum can migrate to Optimism with only a few modifications.
  • Security: Layer 2 still inherits the strict security level of Layer 1 Ethereum.
With the immense potential and attention it enjoys among users, Optimism promises to be the best Layer 2 chain on which any protocol can start. That's why we couldn't pass up the opportunity to present our latest evolution of the protocol - OPX.

About DarkCrypto Foundation

​DarkCrypto Foundation is the brand house of many independent multi-chain dApps of DarkCrypto ecosystem. At DarkCrypto Foundation, DAO is used to invest in our and other projects to generate profits and distribute them back into the Fund. Part of the profits is used to strengthen the DAO fund, while the rest is reallocated to DCF holders in the form of USDC.
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