OPX is the governance token used to allow its holders to vote and participate in governance of the Community and Ecosystem of OPX Finance.

What is veOPX?

VeOPX is the governing scheme for OPX DAO. Anyone who stakes OPX and OPX NFT in the governance house will receive an NFT ID with the corresponding amount of veOPX. The veOPX holders will have the power to initiate and vote for the governance proposals. The rights and power are determined by the OPX NFT level, OPX amount and lock duration.

What can the veOPX holders vote for?

Users have to lock OPX NFT and their OPX token to vote how this fund will be distributed:

  1. OLP Share: Reward for all OPX Liquidity Providers

  2. Profit Share: This part for all veOPX staker

  3. Project own Liquidity: This fund is used to buyback OPX and add liquidity

  4. Dev Treasury: This part is Dev Fund for development

  5. Buyback and Burn: Buy back OPX and burn it forever.

  6. DarkCrypto DAO: This part is come back to DarkCrypto Foundation

How to participate in governance


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