1. 1.
    Initially, OPX NFT is required to lock OPX.
Get OPX NFT to define yourself here.
2. Head over to the Lock screen and select your desired OPX NFT. The higher the level of the OPX NFT you choose, the more veOPX you have.
You could only change or unlock your OPX NFT if no OPX are locked.
3. Next, choose the amount of OPX and a duration you want to lock. The summary will give you the brief look of your veOPX, OPX locked and the unlock time.
4. Then click “Lock” and confirm the transaction. Success! You are now a OPX lockooor, and you will receive an amount of veOPX corresponding to your selected OPX NFT level, OPX and lock duration.
  • NFT Boost by OPX NFT level: Level 1 - 1%, Level 2 - 2%, Level 3 - 3%, Level 4 - 4%, Level 5 - 5%.
  • Maximum lock duration is 42 weeks.
  • The locked OPX amount is unlimited, min amount is 10 OPX.
  • You can increase your lock time whenever you like.
Additionally, you could increase your OPX lock balance with the initial lock period. For example, if you lock for 10 months and then decide to lock an additional amount of OPX, it will also be under the same original lock period. It’s also possible for increasing both lock duration and OPX balance.
  • In case the lock duration is over and you want to change the OPX locked amount and/or change the OPX NFT, you need to unlock your OPX and OPX NFT, then lock again.
  • Your current veOPX is decreasing by time if you don’t take any action to change it (as the remaining time lock is down to 0).
  • Your current veOPX defines your vote on the Vote screen.


When the chosen duration to lock OPX and NFT ends (veOPX then is 0), and you don't want to extend your lock, you can press “Unlock” in the Select OPX NFT box to withdraw your OPX NFT and OPX.
  • Your locked OPX NFT and OPX can’t be withdrawn early.
  • When you unlock OPX and OPX NFT, your vote result will be deducted from the voting pool.
  • You will NOT receive any of your pending rewards when you unlock your OPX & OPX NFT. It will then be sent to the Reserved Fund. Please claim your pending rewards in Stake screen before unlocking your OPX & OPX NFT.