🥳Pioneer privilege program

Lifetime Profit For Pioneers

OPX Pioneer Program is a unique, transparent incentive program aimed at bringing very attractive privileges to presale participants:

  • Life-time profit: 75% of the total Presale Raised fund will be added for Protocol liquidity and mint OLP for staking. Part of fee collected and profit from winning amount will be redistributed for Pioneer NFT stakers in the form of WETH. As GMX generates tens of thousand USD in fee daily, OPX Finance expects to earn a comparable amount for users to get a HIGH and STEADY income by staking OPX earned from Presales and NFT pioneers.

  • Every user who commits at least $500 (in token) will be eligible for the Pioneer privilege program and get 1 FREE Pioneer NFT. The higher amount you commit, the higher power for the Pioneer NFT you receive. Higher power comes with higher rewards for each epoch.

Below are simple steps to becoming a pioneer:

  1. Commit your USDC/BTC/ETH/OP with an amount of at least $500 in the Presale Program to get a Pioneer NFT.

  2. Claim it to your wallet when the Presale ends.

  3. Stake your NFT in Pioneer screen to receive attractive lifetime rewards in WETH.

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