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OPX NFT & Airdrop

What is OPX NFT?

OPX NFT is a limited collection of unique and programmatically generated characters from over 160+ possible traits and is created manually by OPX’s most innovative digital artists. Their digital-specific tools allow for a completely new process for creation and unique special effects when it comes to making the collection.

Mystery Box

In order to make the minting process for OPX NFT more exciting with the blessing of luck, we create the OPX Mystery Box, when the level of the NFT you receive only depends on the probability of the Box that you have. To ensure fairness, we use the Chainlink VRF to decide which level and what NFT you will receive when opening the BOX.
Given the allure came from the “mystery” part and the power of NFT given by the DarkCrypto Foundation, the #Airdrop campaign is the ONE-and-ONLY chance for you to get the OPX NFT from Mystery Box FOR FREE.


OPX Mystery Box Airdrop Details: Our Mystery Box contains random but unknown OPX NFT different rarity levels, ranging from 1 to the 5-star. Chainlink VRF is used to make sure that the outcomes are unpredictable and transferable.
  • Snapshot 18h 31/10/2022: All users have ETH in their wallets
  • Maximum: 2,000 NFT
  • Claim time: From 22h 1/11/2022 to 22h 15/11/2022 (or 2,000 NFT claimed)
After the Free-mint time, you could only buy OPX Mystery box with OPX here.

How to receive a FREE OPX NFT from Mystery Box?

There are many ways for you to earn a ticket for a Mystery Box. Please note that we could add more methods in the near future on demand.
  • Snapshot from top holders on other notable projects on Optimism (the list of project will be provided soon)
  • Receive free OPX Mystery Boxes Airdrop ticket from KOLs or Influencer Complete our tasks in our Minigame Points to
  • For task-takers: You cannot use a robot or a fake account to complete our tasks; if you do, the Airdrop will be invalidated.
  • For top holders of projects on Optimism: OPX team will check for our eligible and number of airdrop tickets according to our agreement with each project.