Dashboard Overview

How to use cross margin on OSyn


Below, you'll find the main dashboard for Futures on OSyn; from here, you'll get an overview of everything Futures, any open positions, and markets available to trade.

Smart margin is the default margin type when traders come to OSyn.

  1. The menu section contains links to other pages inside of OSyn.

  2. Find notifications, display options, the selected network, and the connected wallet.

  3. Displays Current Portfolio value along with a chart over time

  4. This area has a quick overview of any open positions a trader currently has. Traders can switch to see any open positions on either Smart Margin, or their synth spot holdings.

  5. The Futures Markets table displays assets available to trade, their name, current price, and percentage changed over time; selecting one of these assets will take you to their main trading interface.

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