1. After locking your OPX NFT and desired amount of OPX, you will get an NFT ID with corresponding veOPX as mentioned above. Click on the Stake screen, select "Stake" button , then confirm the transaction on your wallet.

  2. When the transaction has been confirmed, details of your stake will be displayed, including your staked NFT ID, Your current veOPX, Your pool share, Your APR and Your expected rewards.

  • The amount of rewards you get in WETH is based on the profit distribution in that epoch and your veOPX.

  • Your veOPX on the Stake room will remain unchanged until you make any actions to modify it (Lock more OPX or extend timelock). It means you will still receive rewards even after your lock duration has ended as your veOPX is still staked. We encourage users to lock OPX and earn rewards even when the lock time is over.

  • Epoch duration will last for one week, meaning rewards are distributed for every 7 days.

  • You could claim whenever you like and your rewards will not be lost if you choose to claim at a later date.


Click on the "Unstake" button. Then confirm the transaction. If lock duration has ended, you can unlock as well as withdraw your OPX NFT and OPX.

  • You can unstake your veOPX whenever you want. There is no time lock.

  • Once your veOPX is unstaked, you will no longer receive any reward.

  • You will NOT receive any of your pending rewards when you unstake your veOPX. It will then be sent to the Reserve Fund.

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